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Ceylon Tea - This is Gift to the World from Sri Lanka

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Ceylon Tea - This is Gift to the World from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka the pearl of the Indian Ocean is known for its diverse cultures and scenery. An island of 65,610 just 4 degrees north of the equator, ascending from sea level to approx. 2,400 meters or 7,800 feet, it has been blessed by nature resulting in a diverse array of climates and scenery.

One of the many names by which Sri Lanka was known in the past is "Serendib", from which "serendipity" was coined by Horse Walpole to mean, "the faculty of making happy discoveries by accident. "One of the happy discoveries the pioneer tea planter in the latter part of the 19th Century discovered is the effect of the diverse climates on tea production. This serendipitous discovery has resulted in an array of fine teas that are unique to each agro-climatic district and not found anywhere else in the world. but also not found in the other agro-climatic districts of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka teas have been developed to cater to the tastes of tea drinkers all around the globe. The various tea of Sri Lanka are marketed worldwide under the termCeylon Tea" and discerning tea drinkers look for specialty teas from amongst the range of Ceylon Teas produced right throughput the year. It has been said the " Ceylon Tea - This is Gift to the World from Sri Lanka".

Why Ceylon Tea ???




Passion and Provenance.




100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka

The Lion Logo Symbol has been used since the 1930s to promote pure Ceylon tea. it has high consumer awareness in major markets for Ceylon tea and amongst more discerning consumers in markets where Ceylon tea was previously popular. The logo is owned by Sri Lanka Tea Board and is globally trademarked. Packs carrying the Lion Logo are guaranteed by the Tea Board to use 100% Pure Ceylon Tea that conforms to a prescribed high standard and is packed in Sri Lanka.

International Compliances for Pure Ceylon Tea

ISO 3720 , ISO 22000, GACCP, FLO, ETC, Rain Forest Alliance, EURO Gap. UTZ.


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