About Ceylon Teamax

Ceylon Teamax is an online store to purchase different branded Ceylon tea through e-commerce source to bring straight to the customer with best tea ingredients and collection, right from the eco-friendly products, touching across several trade layers; and thus keeping intact freshness & quality of the Sri Lankan tea.
Therefore, Ceylon teamax brings to most of the tea brands under the Quality of Ceylon Tea Symbol and those massive products can be purchased from our store very easily, and our type of products are Black Tea, Green Tea, Flavored Tea, Herbal Tea, and White Tea. Ceylon (Currently Sri Lanka) is world-famous for the Ceylon tea.
This entire branded tea products are being manufactured by directly collecting tea from the growers, and our sourcing centers located in the tea growing regions in Sri Lanka including green tea, black tea, flavoured tea, types of herbal tea, white tea bags With this Sri Lanka tea under the inspection of the Ceylon tea board, after that they certify that products by issuing Ceylon Tea Symbol.
This Ceylon Tea Symbol can be assured of the quality and freshness of the teas. on the other hand, we presented to you ISO certified products such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and GMP.
What makes us different? 
We source with the best tea in Sri Lanka and produced by masters using skills handed down over generations. fresh tea leaves picked and expertly made, then packed at source for unrivaled ‘freshness’ – the hallmark of our Teas, our teas arrive with you as fresh as they left the garden. Ceylon tea is divided into three groups: High or Upcountry (Udarata), Mid country (Medarata), and Low country (Pahatha rata) tea, based on the geography of the land. Sri Lanka exported more than 300 million kilograms annually and it is covered 19% of global demand respectively.
About our teas
Sri Lanka has become the world's third-largest tea exporter to the world, the country's largest employer and has the distinction of supplying tea to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. It is a great equalizer, demanding attention from the counter of the smallest eatery to the most exclusive tea-bars in the world.
To provide the very best assortment of teas, Sri Lankan tea companies consistently introduce new tea varieties to our loose leaf collection. In addition to luxurious versions of traditional teas, such as English breakfast tea, Earl Grey and flavoured tea, our companies provide specialist single-origin orthodox teas, Herbal teas, and outstanding tea blends.
We established our mission as “our customers can be online purchased all the branded Ceylon tea products within our tea store under the quality of the Ceylon tea symbol and share high-quality tea drinking experience around the World".
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